Waswo X Waswo, A Visitor to the Court – 16, 2021
    © Waswo X Waswo, Image courtesy of Artist and Private Collector


    Aesthetic Responses weaves together works from three very disparate collectors of contemporary South Asian art. While the works presented here are embedded in and richly informed by the cultural and social history of South Asia, they also speak to the ongoing socio-political events that are playing out on the global stage.

    The works shown here do not prescribe a specific reaction, nor do they propose a solution: in accordance with the aesthetic theories of South Asia the exhibition recognises that each viewer’s relationship with the works is dynamic and constitutive. While each work is convincing and complete, its juxtaposition with works on either side, in front, above and below, serves to shift, emphasise or transform both meaning and concept. We welcome viewers to traverse the exhibition, allowing the works’ connotations, flavours and suggestive interpretations to transport them to imaginative spaces and experiences.


    Read the essay about the exhibition here.


    The exhibition opens from 13 January – 14 April 2024.  During Singapore Art Week from 19 – 27 Jan 2024 , we will be open daily from 11am – 5pm.


    Future public viewing dates will be announced later, visitors are encouraged to make viewing appointments by emailing admin@theculturestory.co